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Dangerous Driving

From a legal perspective there are two main definitions of dangerous driving.

- The first relates to the manner in which a vehicle is driven. Driving in a manor that could be viewed to fall below the normal standards of a reliable safe driver is an offence. This is reinforced by the view that the driver in question could be seen as dangerous in the eyes of a safe and reliable driver.

- The second definition relates to the actual vehicle being driven. If it is very clear the condition of the vehicle is considered dangerous then the driver of that vehicle could be prosecuted for Dangerous Driving. The word dangerous in this context is legally defined as threatening danger to injure a person or causing severe damage to any property. An example of this could be is a vehicle's tyres were found to be out with the legal requirements.

Should you be prosecuted for dangerous driving, you will then be supplied with a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Some defences for a potential charge of dangerous driving include:

  • Duress:This means the defendant believes there was unlawful pressure on them at the time which then forced them to have to drive dangerously

  • Necessity: This means suggesting it was absolutely necessary to drive dangerously as a result of an indiscretion which was not your fault. Such a defence of a dangerous driving charge will depend on a number of facts and information which is individual to every case. It is strongly recommended to gain legal advise to assist with any defence.

If you were taken to a court for dangerous driving, the potential punishments you could face are listed below:

  • Crown Court, In the Crown Court the maximum prison sentence would be 2 years and/or an unlimited penalty fine with the mandatory disqualification of your licence. You would then be forced to take an extended test in order to regain your licence

  • Magistrates Court‚ In the Magistrates Count the maximum prison sentence would be 6 months and/or a £5,000 penalty fine and the disqualification of your driving licence.