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Retreaded Tyres

Contrary to popular belief, retreaded tyres are incredibly safe and are manufactured to incredibly high standards using sophisticated machinery.

By Law all retreaded tyres must be manufactured in line with a European Standard. This regulation was made mandatory in the UK in January 2004 and became law across the whole or Europe in 2006. It states that all manufacturers who deal with retreading tyres must submit anything they produce to be tested by the same load and speed criteria carried out on new tyres.

These new regulations have helped to provide and regulate the quality and performance of retreaded tyres and have helped to ensure that they are on par with the quality expected from a new tyre.

Retreaded Tyres are Great Economically

Under these new regulations, retreaded tyres can perform just as well as new tyres and they also offering high savings on the substantial costs of new tyres.

Absolutely every manufacturer that produces truck tyres, manufactures tyres for multiple lives, meaning that they are actually designed to be retreaded. Therefore when an operator is throwing old tyres away he is actually losing out on substantial savings. Using retreaded tyres can also offer car owners a substantial saving and are a good alternative to buying expensive new tyres.

Use retreads and go green!

Retreading is incredibly environmentally friendly and is a practical option for tyre recycling. Retreading does not simply defer the disposal of a tyre, but helps to actively reduce the number of tyres in use, hence saving natural resources and helping to recycle.

Every time a tyre is retreaded, this means one less new tyre is in use, this therefore helps to reduce the number of new tyres produced annually as well as extending the life of the original tyre. This helps to save substantially on valuable resources such as oil; in general a new tyre requires 4.5 gallons more oil than retreaded tyres, for a truck tyre this is a massive 15 gallons of oil saved for producing retreaded tyres.

As a result of less tyres being produced, fewer tyres will therefore have to be disposed of annually. Tyres can be retreaded up to three times and can then be used as a raw material in the government sustainable development program and will help to produce other forms of "deferred disposal".

It should be noted that the majority of retreaded tyres in the UK have been manufactured in the UK. This drastically cuts down on shipping costs, fuel expenditure and additionally helps the UK economy. For those wishing to be economical it is both cheaper and environmentally friendly to use retreaded tyres.