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Why should I buy winter tyres?

Winter tyres go a long way to taking the stress out of winter driving.
Winter tyres, also known as cold climate tyres are specially manufactured to give more grip and stability. Stopping distances are also dramatically improved.
It doesn’t matter if there’s snow on the ground, as soon as the temperatures drop if you want to be safe on the roads winter tyres are the answer.


Are they just for snow?

Some people still think that winter tyres are purely for driving in snow, this is definitely not the case.

When the temperature drops below 7°C winter tyres offer far more grip than summer tyres.
Winter tyres have a special compound of natural rubber and silica which maintains its flexibility even when the temperatures start to drop. Regular tyres become stiff and less efficient at gripping the road.
Winter tyres have deeper and specially designed tread patterns.
These patterns cut through the snow and ice, which give the tyre much improved contact with the road. They also have small ‘sipes’ cut into the tread which increase grip in snowy and icy conditions.


Winter tyre facts

  • Below 7°C winter tyres perform better than normal tyres
  • The stopping distance from 20mph is 11metres shorter with a winter tyre
  • Winter tyres should always be fitted as sets of four for the best performance
  • Winter tyres can safely be driven in normal weather conditions
  • It is recommended that you change back to normal tyres in the Spring, once the frosts and cold weather have gone.


Swapping to winter tyres

You could buy a spare set of steel rims specifically for you winter tyres. Then when winter comes you can simply swap over your wheels/tyres.
Your summer wheels and tyres can then be stored and you avoid any of the damage that the salt on winter roads bring.