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Westlake produces a wide range of top quality tyres for a variety of vehicles. They strive to develop tyres of the highest quality, reliability and value for money.


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Why Choose Westlake Car Tyres?

Westlake has over 50 years' experience in manufacturing a broad range of top quality tyres. Their state of the art development and production faculty has earned them several awards from various agencies, including the Economic Commission of Europe and the US Department of Transportation.

Westlake are experts in manufacturing tyres for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, tractors and trucks. All their car tyres undergo a strict quality control assessment and they are constantly investing to expand and improve their extensive product line. This constant strive to improve has led to them being internationally recognised for producing tyres of superb quality, reliability and value for money.

Safety plays a big part in developing Westlake's tyres

Motivated by the philosophy of "innovation, pursuit of perfection, interactive, win-win", Westlake endeavour to develop the safest, most durable tyres possible. Designed with four wide circumferential grooves their tyres give fast and effective relief on wet roads, dramatically reducing the chance of aquaplaning.

Safety is a major priority in Westlake's tyre design. Their solid, long rib pattern improves stability at high speeds and the unique multi-pitch design reduces road noise dramatically. The aesthetics of their tyres will give your car a sporty, modern look.