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Caravan & Motorhome Tyres: The Ultimate Guide

It is relevant to select tyres for a motorhome appropriately. The choice of tyres can serve you for about 5 years if you rarely use your motorhome. Therefore, in this case, one should take an ample amount of time to research the various brands and ensure they settle for the best.

Can you use normal van tyres on a motorhome?

It is, of course, permissible to fit normal van tyres to a motorhome, but as long as they are within the correct size rating and can take the weight, they will not offer all those extra advantages that motorhome-specific tyres do.

Van tyres will tend to be cheaper, but tyres for motorhomes within the same brand will be approximately 15% more costly. If you decide to go for a better camping tyre, then you will experience better safety measures, comfort, longer-lasting tyres, and fuel efficiency. Camping tyres are stiffer at the sides.

This helps them deal with the pressure required when a motorhome contains all the essentials as required. It also ensures that the tyres become more rigid, which results in safer and more stable drives as well as better control of the car.

Continental and Michelin are motorhome tyre producers, and they specifically find the pattern of the tread for your motorhome to manage wet roads, camping grounds, and roads in the countryside, besides being strong and far from any impacts.

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How often should you replace motorhome tyres?

The tyres of motorhomes and caravans are, in most cases, not used as often as those of cars; hence, they tend to last longer. Much the same way as car tyres, the law in the United Kingdom states that the minimum required depth has to be 1.6 mm.

However, when it arises at levels below 3 mm, many tyre experts believe that tyres should be replaced at the Tyre Savings Centre to enhance safety. Motorhome owners have to change their tyres often because they wear out, even if the worn-out part of the tyre is not the part that touches the road.

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has claimed that caravan tyres should be changed at least once every 5 years, regardless of the condition of the tread.

They also advise that any used tyre should not be taken on a motorhome if it is 7 years of age or older. To determine the age of your tyre, you need to look at the Department of Transportation (DOT) code, which is provided on the side of the tyre. This code informs you of the month and year of manufacture of the tyre.

How to make motorhome tyres last longer

Such steps in caring for the motorhome tyres help in maintaining the tyres in good condition and, thus, can help in increasing their lifespan. 

1. Tyre pressure

Another thing is that one should ensure that the tyres of the motorhome have the required level of inflation. It helps your motorhome run safely, prolongs the durability of the tyres, and will allow you to spend less money on fuel.

It is advised that tyre pressure should be checked on cold tyres to get the best measurement.

2. Motorhome load limits

That is why, when driving a motorhome, the tyres carry a lot more weight than the tyres of a car. The supposed overloading of the motorhome or overspeeding can affect the tyres and cause them to degrade. This can be risky and reduce the overall life span of the tyres you intend to use.

If you put heavy things in your car, try to spread them out so that the weight is the same on each tyre. This will make the tyres last longer and make sure your car is easier to control.

3. Motorhome storage

When your motorhome is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can make the tyres wear out faster than usual.

So, if you can, it's a good idea to park your motorhome where it won't be directly under the sun to help your tyres last longer.


Putting a tyre pressure monitoring system on your motorhome is a smart move. It will let you know if your tyres are losing air while you're driving.