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Uniroyal Tyres

Stay Safe Buy Winter Tyres.

You may consider using & keeping a set of winter tyres if you live in a remote area, or somewhere where conditions can be bad for periods of time.

Although there is no UK law regarding the use of winter tyres, like in many EU countries, many people are choosing to use winter tyres.

Winter tyres use a rubber compound which contains higher levels of silica coupled with a pattern specifically designed for enhanced braking and handling in wintery conditions. If you are travelling to EU countries, check the laws on tyres before you travel.

Winter Tyres

Goodyear Tyres

Have You Checked Your Tread?

You can use either a 20p piece or a tyre tread gauge to ensure that your tyre tread is within the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Checking your type tread depth is simple, ensure that your car is in a safe place and you have access to your tyre. Use your gauge to take readings from across the tyre, if the gauge reads over 1.6mm right across the tyre it is safe to drive.

When using a 20p piece, follow the same procedure, but use the outer banner of the coin as a reference. If you cannot see the banner, the tyre is safe to drive on.

Check your tyre tread

Cheap Tyres with Local Tyre Fitting

Looking for cheap car tyres from huge brands? We stock 1000's of car tyres and van tyres from brands you can trust. Whether it be Goodyear tyres, Continental, Pirelli or Uniroyal. From premium to budget tyres we cater for everyone. Simply find your tyres using our search, select from over 1000 tyre fitters nationwide, book your tyre fitting appointment and pay for your car or van tyres on the day you get them fitted.

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