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How To Save Fuel & Cut Costs

With fuel prices seemingly locked into a price war across petrol stations across the UK, fluctuating costs of petrol and diesel have motorists looking for ways to save fuel and cut driving costs. So, how do you save fuel or, perhaps more importantly, how can we make our weekly or fortnightly fuel trips last longer? Today at Tyre Savings we’re sharing our tips and tricks to cut fuel costs in order to be kinder to your car and your wallet.

Sensible Driving

It may seem obvious, but a simple and effective way to cut fuel costs is to adopt sensible driving techniques (if you’re not doing so already!). Smooth driving with less sudden braking and accelerating can affect fuel consumption and can improve your driving proficiency. For example, slowly pull away from junctions and roll up to traffic lights that are on red in order to avoid sharp acceleration and braking, which can take its toll on the car and the amount of money you’re spending on fuel.

Drop Revs

In line with sensible driving, another way to save fuel is to not over-rev the engine. Using high revs will cause the engine to use for fuel, so be sure to switch gears accordingly when building speed. As a rule of thumb, we’d recommend motorists to go up a gear before reaching 2,500 revs in a petrol car and before 2,000 revs in a diesel car.

Keep Speed Down

You may get to where you need to be faster, but by dropping your speed you could actually lower your fuel consumption by 25%! If you regularly travel on motorways, taking your speed down from 80mph to 70mph could really impact how far you can make your fuel go during your trip.

Lose The Weight

It’s a little known fact that a car with more weight will tend to use much more fuel on the road than a lighter vehicle. This is due to the fact that the car will need a lot more energy to accelerate, and will reduce fuel efficiency as a result. Lessen the load by taking off unused roof racks and clearing out any unnecessary items in the boot or in the backseat footwells to claim back up to 2% of fuel savings with a lighter car.  

Tyre Maintenance

A final way to make your car more fuel efficient is to get into the habit of tyre maintenance. Check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks, and definitely before a long drive, and ensure that it’s at a safe level. Keeping your tyres inflated to the right pressure has been shown to actually reduce fuel consumption by up to 3% - and results in fewer chances of having a tyre blowout on journeys. If your tyre pressure keeps dropping, it’s probably time for a new tyre from Tyre Savings.


We hope you find our ways to keep fuel costs down useful. Ensure you’re driving with the best tyres for your needs by browsing the wide range of high-quality tyres online at Tyre Savings today!