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Essential Guide to Spare Tyres

Why is a spare tyre necessary?

One of the things every car enthusiast or daily driver should know is that a spare tyre is a very important car accessory.

1. Safety

It is possible to drive safely with the help of a spare tyre if a tyre gets flat improperly. You will be able to replace the damaged one with a spear and drive safely. You will not even run into a flat tyre accident that could result in a tyre burst.

2. Convenience

There's no mention of driving a flat tyre on the highway; it's either short or fast. The attraction of the crowd or the extra risk you take are the dangers if you are not a person who brings a spare tyre with you.

3. Peace of mind

Extra ones make one feel safer because drivers won't need to stop and look for help when they cannot see any other car.

4. Cost-effective

The spare tyre is the best solution for bushwalking because it saves you money.

During a puncture, you will no longer need to call a tow truck driver or another cab because you can change the tyre yourself with a spare tyre, and the removal process will not involve paying extra money; instead, you will have saved money overall.

5. Independent mobility

You can keep driving even if one of the tyres is out of order because you have a spare tyre. You can drive to the Tyre Savings Centre, where you can let our expert mechanics fix or replace the flat tyre.

Your spare tyre is required to be of the same size and brand as the others on your car, and it has to be in good condition. Always ensure that your spare tyre is the one fixed properly and that enough air goes through it before starting any trip, such as a holiday.

Suspension car and Spare tyre

How can you properly store a spare tyre?

Keeping a spare tyre properly stored would help to increase its lifespan and get it when you need it.

These are the things you have to do if you store the spare tyre.

  • Given that you cleaned the spare tyre before packing it, a soft sponge and water could be an option. This prevents the gravel from sticking to it or causing other problems.

  • Investigate the spare tyre thoroughly for any damage, such as cuts, holes, or damages that aren't even there. If these are found, it is wiser to dispose of the tyre than to save it.

  • Make sure the spare tyre is being filled with air at the level requested. The manufacturers specify this on the side of the tyre or in the car's instruction manual. A tyre that doesn't inflate can deform and, hence, lead to unsafe driving.

  • Have the spare tyre in a cool area and make it dry by putting it in a garage or a storage shed without sunlight and other substances. Never place it in the trunk of your car, as the tyre will wear out quickly under high-temperature conditions.

  • Stored tyres are best kept flat to preserve their shape and prevent them from cracking.

  • A tyre wrap is a sure way to save your spare tyre. It is the next level of safety in addition to air pressure monitoring, which also keeps the tyre from sun, moisture, and dust.

Inspect the tyre first to make sure it is airtight and the air pressure is appropriate for this purpose. By doing so, you will guarantee its dependability for your car.