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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a detailed list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.


Which tyres are best for my car?

Tyresavings.com has an extensive range of tyres suitable for all requirements and budgets. From cheap tyres to premium brands, see what we have to offer by simply entering your registration or your tyre size on our homepage. When browsing, please take note of the mandatory EU tyre labels.


When and why do I need winter tyres?

Winter tyres are best bought before a spout of bad weather, including sleet, hail, ice and snow. If you live in a rural area, or in a location renowned for dealing with winter conditions for a long period of time, then winter tyres could be the perfect year-round tyre for your car.

Winter tyres are manufactured from a high-silica rubber compound with a specifically-designed tyre pattern for enhanced braking in winter conditions. These tyres are recognisable by special markings on the tyre sidewall: a “M+S” symbol or a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake.

For more information, read our winter tyres information page.


Should I buy summer tyres?

Summer tyres provide maximum safety and high performance above +7°C. Designed to enable a firm grip and handling on both dry and wet roads in warm conditions, summer tyres are a great choice for those who live in mainly warm or humid environments.


What are all-season tyres?

All-season tyres are manufactured for less extreme climates to provide a safe driving experience throughout the four seasons. These are especially useful for UK drivers, as our climate is stereotypically less severe and fluctuates throughout the months.

Adopting for all-season tyres saves you the cost and effort of changing between winter and summer tyres. Known as four-season tyres, these tyres provide a better winter performance than a summer tyre, and a better summer-performance in summer than a winter tyre.


What are run-flat tyres?

Run flat tyres allow you to continue driving at a limited speed of 50mph for a maximum of 50 miles with a puncture. These tyres have specially strengthened sidewalls that help to keep your car under control when your tyres are punctured. If a surprise puncture occurs on a motorway or busy road, you will not have to change the wheel dangerously on the roadside.


Which brands can I choose from at Tyresavings.com?

We stock a huge range of tyre brands at Tyresavings.com. From established brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and Continental, to cheaper, newer brands like Comforser, Sailun and Saferich. Feel free to look at our brands page to find out more.


How can I keep up with tyre maintenance?

Tyre maintenance may seem like a mundane task, but it could save you money and keep you safe on the roads. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding car tyre maintenance.


How do I check my tyre pressure?

Firstly, consult your vehicle handbook or tyre details label. Unscrew the valve dust cap from the tyre valve and attach a tyre pressure gauge onto the tyre valve stem. Firmly press the gauge down evenly on the valve stem and the tyre pressure reading will appear on the gauge. If the tyres require inflating add air using a suitable inflator but be sure not to over inflate your tyres.


What is the correct tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure varies across vehicles and then depends on the weight carried by these vehicles. You can find your correct tyre pressure in your vehicle handbook or inside your vehicle on the driver’s door and the petrol cap. Having located the tyre pressure, you will see that there are different pressures for different situations.


How do I check my tyre size?

You can find your tyre size on the sidewall of your current tyres. Your tyre size is consistent of the width, profile, rim and speed. Expect to see a number like: 205/55R16 91V.


How does the EU tyre labelling work?

Below are our frequently asked questions regarding EU tyre labelling and how the new regulation can help to make your tyre choice regarding tyre performance. Read below or, for more detailed information, read our Tyre Performance Labelling page.


What is Tyre Performance labelling?

In November 2012, the EU introduced mandatory tyre labelling. This regulation ensures that all tyres are evaluated and appropriately labelled on their wet-performance, fuel efficiency and road noise.

These labels are similar to those found on white goods and kitchen appliances; tyres are rated from A-G, providing a simpler way to see which tyres are best for you and your car.


How are fuel efficient tyres labelled?

Fuel efficiency is labelled on a tyre with a petrol pump and tyre image. This is usually on the left of the label and corresponds to how much energy is lost when a tyre is rolling. This is known as rolling resistance; the lower the rolling resistance the lower your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are.


What does wet performance labelling look like?

Wet performance labelling shows a tyre and a rain cloud image usually on the right side of the label. This provides information on how well the tyre grips on wet roads.


How are low noise pollution tyres labelled?

Noise levels are indicated by decibels at the bottom of the tyre performance label. One black wave shows the best noise level, three black waves indicates the weakest performance.


How do you use Tyresavings.com?

Below are frequently asked questions regarding Tyresavings.com and how to use our tyre fitting service.


How do I book a tyre fitting appointment?

Find your tyres by searching by size or car registration, then find a local fitter near you by entering your postcode. We offer 1-hour fitting slots on the website, and these can be chosen during the garage selection process. The appointment starts at the beginning time, and the fitting centre will aim to have it finished within the hour. Please note some tyres such as run flats can take longer than 1 hour to fit. If you are unsure of the appointment time, or need to change the time, please call the garage directly to discuss.


What if I am late to a tyre fitting appointment?

If you are late to an appointment and have not arranged a new time with the fitting centre prior, the mechanics may start their next job and you would need to either rearrange a fitting or wait until they have the next available slot. This should be discussed with the fitter directly.


Where is my nearest tyre fitter?

We are partnered with trusted tyre fitters across the country. Simply enter your postcode after you have searched for your tyres and you will find a list of tyre fitting garages that are local to you. If you are away from home, or at work, simply enter a local postcode.


How do I pay for my tyres and service?

Payment is only taken for your tyres and fitting service once you reach the tyre fitter. You can pay by cash, debit or credit card depending on the capabilities of your local fitter.


What does the final price include?

The final price you pay covers everything: new tyres, old tyre disposal, valves (not TPMS) and wheel balancing. You only pay once your new tyres have been fitted. Read more about our impressive all-inclusive service.

Any extra services or parts may incur an extra cost and this is at the garages disgression. Please discuss this further with your selected fitting centre.


Booking an MOT or Wheel Alignment service

If you have selected an additional service such as front wheel alignment or an MOT, please expect the fitting to take longer than an hour. The booking slot allocated on the website is for the tyre fitting, so you may be contacted by the fitting centre prior to your appointment to confirm a date and time for the additional services or asked to leave your car with them, especially when booking an MOT.


Will I need to sign anything?

No, there are no forms for you to sign at any point.


Will I receive paperwork form the garage?

Once your tyres have been fitted, expect to receive an invoice and a payment receipt from the local fitter.


Can my tyres be fitted at home?

An option to filter for mobile fitters once you have entered your postcode is provided on site. We do not currently offer a fit at home service for all areas of the UK, so we apologise if this is not yet available to you. An extra fee will be added for mobile fittings. This will be highlighted to you on the website before you place the order. The fitter may need to contact you prior to the appointment to confirm the location, date and time so please ensure you provide a contact number.


Will I receive a guarantee?

A 12-month guarantee will be provided to all Tyre Savings customers. This guarantee covers manufacture defects, although it does not cover any damage from accidents, incidents or wear and tear.