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Run-Flat Tyres: The Ultimate Guide

What are run-flat tyres?

RFT, meaning run-flat tyres, are special types of tyres that allow a car to be driven safely in case of a flat tyre for a limited amount of distance. They have strong sides that are capable of supporting the car’s weight even if there is nearly no tyre pressure.

In the classification of car parts and accessories, run-flat tyres are unique from normal ones since they can continue to function even when the tyre has been deflated. This special feature ensures you retain the ability to drive at a moderate speed for up to 50 miles in the case of a flat tyre.

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How do run-flat tyres work?

There are two main kinds of run-flat tyres: In this category, there are self-supporting and support ring tyres.

1. In most self-supporting run-flat tyre systems, the tyres are reinforced at the sidewalls, which enables the car to be supported by the sides even when flat. This means you can drive for a certain distance and at a particular speed recommended by the tyre manufacturer, even in the event of a tyre blowout.

2. A support ring run-flat tyre has another ring made of hard rubber or material similar to this positioned inside the tyre. Typically, when the tyre has no pressure, this ring can help support the weight of the car so that you can continue driving.

Run-flat tyres, as earlier mentioned, can be used when they do not have any pressure, but they can only be used on cars that have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

The TPMS lets the driver know immediately if any of the tyres are low on pressure. They range from making you unaware that you sit on a flat tyre when driving to fixing artificial intelligence advancements.

The benefits of run-flat tyres

Well, now that you know that run-flat tyres are different from normal tyres, here is why you might decide to use run-flat tyres on your car.


A car fitted with run-flat tyres enables you to keep on driving even if you have a flat tyre, which is safer. This means that you are still able to steer the car, and this is very vital, especially in bad weather.


A run-flat tyre enables the driver to continue driving if he or she gets a flat tyre without the need to immediately change the tyre. One can drive to a safe area or service station for it to be rectified.

Space and weight savings

You do not need to carry an extra tyre when you have run-flat tyres, thus having extra space in the car for luggage and other things. It also makes your car lighter as the old and bulky parts have been replaced with new light ones, which is also useful in saving on fuel.

Peace of mind

Having run-flat tyres on your car can be reassuring. This implies that you can reduce the level of anxiety or stress that one associate with acquiring a flat tyre and what may occur as a result of this.

Extended mobility

Run-flat tyres enable drivers to continue with the journey even with a flat tyre. This means that you can complete a couple of errands or proceed to a tyre repair shop or a gas station to fix the flat tyre without having to abruptly stop to change the tyre.


Run-flat tyres can be installed in many newer cars equipped with TPMS and can also be retrofitted in some older cars.


Run-flat tyres are regarded as a cool invention as they enhance the ease of driving and also make it safe. In case any of the tyres develop a flat, these tyres allow you to continue driving for a certain distance without having to replace the flat.

However, they are not invincible and can be damaged if they are not well taken care of and checked occasionally. Certainly, if you aim to feel more secure and comfortable behind the wheel, it is recommended to equip your car with run-flat tyres by visiting the Tyre Savings Centre.